the 9th most dangerous airport in the world

number 9 on this list

St. Maarten has the ninth most dangerous airport in the world. Why? I'll tell you! Well as you can see in the picture to the right there is a beach right in front of the beach so when a jumbo jet takes off people get blow into the ocean and sometimes even cars And there are mountains on the other side. About 20 years ago my grandpa was driving done the rode that separates the airport and the beach and KLM was taking off and my grandpa and his car were blow into the ocean. Your probably wondering why i did the ninth most dangerous airport in the world well that's because i go there every year! Usually for Christmas and for New Year! I don't no why but we like to spend Christmas on the beach. On New Year we stay on the beach all night and play games. Trust me if you go you wont regret it!
St. Maarten KLM Boeing 747 landing (1080p)