Memory Loss

Vincent Ramos

Reason 1

Are you having memory problems? Memory loss can be caused by age and absentmindedness. These are the two common things that can affect your memory.

A psychologist name Daniel Schracter from Havard University talks about age. In the book,Searching for Memory he said that after age 6 your brain can lose up to five to ten percent of your memory. The frontel lobes and the hippocumpus are parts of your brain that helps your brain. As you get older,Schracter says,"Blood flow to the frontel lobes is reduce,as is the region's ability to maintain a steady glucose supply".

Reason 2

The other major reason is not paying attention. If you don't pay attention you won't able to know what your suppose to do. Absentmindedness means forgetting things. For example, I just put my pair of shoes on the table then went to bed later i got out of bed then cant remember where my shoes are because I wasn't paying attention earlier. according to the story "How Quickly We Forget"In order to remember things that we forget we misunderstood why the information is important." For example, we remember phone numbers,lockers,numbers,address,password because they are important to us. In the article " How Quickly We Forget " by Emily Yoffe , she says,"Simply remembering is not enough you have to be able to understand what you memorized to manipulate the information and to make connections."The best way to avoid memory lose is to pay attention.

In conclusion,age and absentminded cause memory lose.We can prevent memory loss by not being absentminded and remembering things.


"How Quickly We Forget" By Yoffe, Emily