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We are the Wylie Way!

a techno tip for the week! #URLearning

Have you tried the app, Number Pieces? I saw this being used in a classroom the other day and found it to be easy to use and appropriate for all ages. It allows students to create models representing numbers given. For example, I saw a teacher give a number, the students, in turn created a representation for the number using the base ten blocks on the iPad. Isn't it great? She didn’t have to get all of the base 10 blocks out. The students just grabbed their iPads and pulled out the pieces they needed right on the screen. Some people might argue the iPad is not tactile enough. Some students need the “real-life” objects for problems such as this. However, if that is the case just give the base 10 manipulatives to the one or two students that need it rather than having to get out the whole tub!

Thoughts From A Bulldog

"Thoughts From a Bulldog" was created to give you a chance to reflect and to give others a chance to learn from you! Click here to view the updated blog. Be sure to add your email address to follow the blog!

TTM Training Dates

Think Through Math has been updated and has many new features! We need at least one (if not a few) teachers from both 3rd and 4th grade to attend the district training (see Cindy Bogart's email). If we could also have one RTI team member attend - that would be fabulous!

This tool is very, very strong and can make a difference with kids if used to its fullest potential!


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House Shirt Tally Forms

We have placed the tally sheet for your house shirt orders in your boxes. Please turn this in with your returned order forms. This will help us in tallying up the entire schools numbers.


Just reminder that the TELPAS window opens tomorrow. Maria Morales will be able to help you if you are unclear of what is expected.

College...College....Think College Thursday!

Think College Thursday

We will be highlighting a college in Texas this week!!

Hint: They are Maroon and White; it is located in College Station, Texas; the mascot is Reveille

Wear your favorite College Shirt or wear the one we are highlighting and be prepared for a picture!

Word of the week: Major. Kids can write down their definitions and turn them in to the office in the red box. (We had a winner last week that we will announce on next Thursday!)

Wylie Way Day of R&R Followup

Wednesday will be our WW day of R&R.

Your Wylie Way grade level team member has all the details, but just to refresh our brains:

>Dress up as your favorite Superhero (What is your Kuleana SuperPower)

>Review the Social Contract

>Social Studies Classes will do the WW lessons in forethought from last year's Wylie Way day on Sept. 10. Please see Deidra or your WW grade level team member if you have any questions about them.

Guidance Lessons with Mrs. Winn

Thank you Shelia for sharing your library time with me! Thank you teachers for being supportive and allowing your students to go to check out books at a different time!

Grades 2-4 We discussed the book The Energy Bus this week and how to always try and have a POSITIVE outlook.

There were two rules we talked about for the Ride of My Life: 1. Create a Positive Vision 2. Fuel your ride with Positive Energy. I will place a card for the 5 rules in your boxes. Please have the students put them somewhere that they can see them everyday, like maybe on their locker. We will finish the last 3 rules next month! Thanks for the Ride of MY Life!

K-1 We watched Travis and Presley's Respecting Others video and discussed how we can respect others at Home, School, Neighborhood and Other's houses. Thanks for sharing such great KIDS!!

Ecourses Reminder

There 4 required ecourses to complete:

*Smith Bloodborne Pathogens (due 9/1)

*2015-2016 Suicide Prevention (due 9/30)

*D2L Child Abuse Prevention (due 9/30...yay!)

*Smith 2015-2016 Sexual Harassment (9/1)

It looks like nearly everyone has completed the ecourses. Thank you!

If you have not received an e-mail back that you have received credit yet on the D2L or Sexual Harassment please e-mail Deidra.

Five Day Power Challenge

October is Energy Conservation Month. Wylie ISD is doing its part to raise awareness by engaging in a Five Day Power Challenge the week of September 28 - October 2nd. Each day during this week, staff and students will participate in an activity focused on saving energy. These activities are designed to be fun and easy. A flyer is attached to the email and a brief description is listed below:

9/28 - Wear Green Day - Take pictures and post on FB and Twitter

9/29 - Air is going to be turned up one degree

9/30 - Green Lunch Day - One hot lunch and many cold sides (trying to minimize oven use on this day)

10/1 - Light Out Day - Utilize natural light if available - post on FB and Twitter

10/2 - How Much Can you Save Day? - Be creative on ways to save energy - Share out on Social Media

The district goal is to create awareness about our carbon footprint and how simple, daily behavior modifications, even small ones, can add up to more savings and money in the bank!

On the Calendar

9/28 - Design Team Meeting

9/29 - Lock Down Drill - 7:45 - Completed by Wylie PD

9/30 - 3rd and 4th grade PLC

9/30 - Kuleana SuperPower Super Hero Follow up Day - Wear Your favorite Super Hero Shirt (and of course, jeans are fine ;)

10/1 - K - 2 PLC - Scoring Writing with Laura Moore

10/2 - Bulldog Boogie

10/5 - HOLIDAY

10/6 - Staff meeting 3:00, PALS begin

10/8 - Fall Pictures

10/9 - Bulldog Boogie