Apollo 11: Real of Fake?

By: Connor O'Neal

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The Landing

The United states fought in a race against Russia to see who can become victorious in getting into outer-space, this is widely known as the "Space Race". This was also the first manned land moon mission ever. That is, if it actually happened!

Astronauts: Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin

When: June 20, 1969

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U.S Media

All over The United States, the biggest news around at the time was about the Apollo 11 landing. The U.S had papers and messages going everywhere that we beat Russia in the Space Race. We saw this opportunity has a great historical accomplish for all Americans and brought our country some fame. This Later became one of the greatest accomplishments

Bias: Selection of Sources - People within the community believe what the media has to say rather than taking actual evidence and facts.

Criticism: Historical - Gives the U.S a big name for being one of the first to land on the moon.

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Other Media

Others totally disagree with the U.S being the first to land on the moon. Some also say it didn't even happened. As beliefs of the landing were fraud, people came up with theories to prove why it was fake and not so "real".

Bias: Story Selection - Some people believe a different story rather than believing given facts.

Criticism: Marxist - Taken as the U.S started to rise because of the Space Race, we can consider this to being Marxist due to the fame and acknowledgement the U.S was given.


One conspiracy that has everyone question if the landing actually happened or not is due to the Waving Flag. This theory sites that the American flag, once put in the moons surface, happens to be waving. Yet, in the airless lunar space, how could the american flag be waving?
Other conspiracies state things such as how there seems to be a lack of craters on the moon, The lighting is different in multiple pictures, even some say that they could see hidden cables from the "set" in which they shot it in.
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