Superbowl Jaguars

Deijah McClarity

" It's Good To Be Bad "

Jaguar, in their 2014 Superbowl commercial, “British villains Rendezvous” intends to sell their Product by characterizing a night in London where the best British villain actor’s “All drive jaguars”, and meet up with Sir Ben Kinsley in his control room. While Mark Strong drives the White F-Type Coupe Jaguar and Tom Hiddleston is in a Helicopter. Ben Kingsley remarks how all Brits in Hollywood movies play the bad guy. Mark S. and Tom H. list reasons why: “Maybe we just sound right. We’re more focused, more precise, always one step ahead. There’s a certain style, an eye for detail” While they are giving reasons they are also describing the fierceness of the car. Ben K. comments “It’s Good to be Bad”. Jaguar was transferring an emotion of BadA** and style towards the actual possession of the car in order to push viewers to purchase their new and improved vehicle model. Using a thrilling and persuading tone, the intended audience for jaguar commercials is towards middle-aged adults.