Moebius Syndrome

De Heath

Moebius Syndrome

Moebius shndrome is a very rare disorder that is characterized by paralysis of multiple cranial nerves most often the abducens and facial nerves. This is a usually present at or before birth. This disease was founded by Dr.Paul Julius Moebius in 1888 while digging deeper on previous research conducted by a fellow doctor that he worked with


The infant is born with a small chin and a small mouth with a short and abnormally formed tongue. The patient is unable to smile, frown, or raise his/her eyebrows

Category of Moebius syndrome

There are four known categories for Moebius syndrome;

  • Group I, characterized by small or absent brain stem nuclei that control the cranial nerves.

  • Group II, characterized by loss and degeneration of neurons in the facial peripheral nerve.

  • Group III, characterized by loss and degeneration of neurons and other brain cells, microscopic areas of damage, and hardened tissue in the brainstem nuclei.

  • Group IV, characterized by muscular symptoms in spite of a lack of lesions in the cranial nerve.
  • Treatmeant

    Their is no specific course of treatment for this deficiency, but surgery can usually fix the cross eyed problem and limb and jaw deformities. Plastic surgery to the corners of the mouth can give the patient a limited ability to smile. While in infancy the patient must be fed through a tube and given special bottles to assure the infant is receiving enough nutrients.

    Latest in Development

    Doctors are still testing and researching new cases to hopefully develop improved techniques to diagnose, treat, and eventually cure these disorders.