Costs Of War

Do you know how hard it is to be a soldier?

How much has the war cost for America, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq?

This war has been going on since 2001. So far this war between the US, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq has cost over 7.2 BILLION dollars. That is a ton of money, doesn't it make sense to use our billions of dollars on something good for our country instead of war?
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What Else Has The War Brought?

This war has also brought destruction. More than 330,000 are dead, and over 750,000 are severely injured. There is not only that but also millions living in poverty because there hometowns were destroyed. This war is dangerous and long, if it doesn't stop, then many more will die.

This war has cost too many lives.

Wheres The War?

This war is taking place mostly in Afghanistan now, there are many bases there dedicated to the war.

When Was This War?

This war started in 2001, and is ongoing. It is supposedly over, because of the agreements between the countries. But since there are still soldiers over in the Middle East, we are technicaly still currently at war.

What Can I Do?

This war is important. It is a war that needs to be treated carefuly. We need to stop it before it gets even more out of hand. You can help today! The soldiers over in the middle east need your help. You can send a care package to the middle east to help soldiers.