Shakespeare biography

by : jose luis

Birth & Death

William Shakespere was born in April 23, of 1564 and he died on April 23, of 1616 he died at the age of 52

Why he was famous?

WIlliam was famou for all his poems and playwrigths.He was called as England's national poet and "Bard of Avon". He had written about 154 sonnet and 38 plays and many variety of poems. His well play is Romeo & Julieta. Wich riminds of him all in this days.

In 1592 william went to london to join a company of actors in wich he was to become a performer and a playwright.

Some of his nicknames.

"Bard of Avon"

"Swan of Avon"

"The Bard"

With who he got married?

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in the year 1582 on November 28. Anne was eight years William's older. They had three children. There was Susanna who was born in 1583 and the twins Judith and Hamnet who were born in the year 1585.

Some of his quote..