My Flooded Bathroom

Chandler Sepulvado

One day when I was 8 years old, I was in the living room and I was just getting comfortable when my "stepdad" told me to get in the shower.I gave him a little bit of attitude when he said it.After he said it,though, I went to my room and I got my clothes for bed.It took me a couple of minutes to get from my bedroom to the bathroom.When I got into the bathroom, I was thinking of a plan.

That plan was : I was going to turn on the sink water, plug it up, get into the shower, and race the water to the top of the sink.Let's just say that plan took a wrong turn.When I got in the shower,after plugging up the sink, I hurried to wash myself.But apparently either I was too slow or the water in the sink was too fast.Because when I looked out of the shower to check on the water,it was pouring over the side of the sink.

At the time,I was done bathing and so I got straight out of the shower and turned off the sink.When I did,though,I noticed I was stepping on seeping wet clothes and towels.When I saw this,I started to cry and scream my mom's name.When her and my "stepdad" came in and saw it,they said they would clean it up,but I would have to be grounded for the rest of the night.Of course,I was 8 and I didn't know how hard it was to bend down and clean something up off of the floor.Because when I woke up the next morning I was told that my mom couldn't go to work that day because her back was hurting too badly.I ended up having to be grounded for a longer period of time.After the "experience" of the flooded bathroom,I realized that I learned my lesson of assuming things.

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