First Day of School

Together We: Learn, Grow, Lead

Greeting Students At the Door

Remember that we greet all children at our doors each morning. Please arrive a few minutes early on the first day so that we are all ready by 8:10 to greet our bulldogs.

Admin Phone Numbers

Courtney - (804) 638-7493

Shawn - (804) 387-0003

Resource Schedule - First day only

Kindergarten has regular resource schedule on first day.

Grades 1 - 5

  • Drop students off at the gym for the start of resource
  • You will pick students up from their scheduled resource class


Bell rings at 3:00 pm

  • All teachers and staff MUST have radios on them prior to dismissal and throughout dismissal.
  • Channel 2 for "mini" radios.
  • Channel 5 for large radios.
  • Daycare vans and parent pick-up will be dismissed at 3:00 pm.
  • Students remain in their classrooms until their bus is called.
  • Buses will be called over the radio as they arrive at Grange Hall.
  • Students are expected to exit the classroom and head directly to the bus loop and their assigned bus.
  • Teachers are expected to stay at their door to encourage hallway stragglers and direct their students accordingly.
  • Marc, Shawn, and Courtney will be on the bus loop.
  • Resource teachers will be in the main hallway and at parent pick-up.
  • Fifth grade students will be sent to Kindergarten classrooms by 2:50 on the first day of school.
  • Kindergarten teachers should match 5th grade student with K students on the same bus.

Teacher To-Do:

  • Check your class transportation doc against the school doc by 10:00 am on Tuesday.
  • At 10:00 am - an assigned GHES staff member will come by your class to confirm all transportation.
  • Teachers MUST teach and test the kids on bus numbers during the first day.
  • Kids can no longer be dependent on teacher to tell them when/where to get on.
  • Kids need to take responsibility for that.

Walkie-Talkie (radio) etiquette:

  • Address the person you are speaking with by name.
  • Take finger off the button and wait for a response.
  • Do not interrupt a conversation. Wait till radio channel is clear to proceed.

*An announcement will be made when all buses have departed*

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