Being Safe on Social Media

By: Tainsley Sebek

Tips For Being Safe on Social Media

Instagram,Facebook, snapchat, tumblr and twitter theses are just some forms of social medias that most of the world uses to connect to the outside world and their friends. With something this great also comes with great responsibilities and caution when it comes to using social media. Im not suggesting that you think everybody is a creeper but just make good decision and be self aware of who follows you on social media and do not post about privet information and do not post anything you would not want your parents or teachers seeing. They will find a way to access it and it will ruin you reputation as a person in real life. If you are uncomfortable or contemplating to post something online trust your judgement and do not put it online just to be safe. Use common sense and if someone is bullying or harassing you tell a respected or you are being followed by someone you don't feel confortable with following on social media tell a respected adult and if you feel the need block them on social media. Also another good thing is to read the privet policies on your social media and get a good idea on where your data is going and what the social media is used for. Trust your gut, have good judgement and follow your social media and your parents rules. Follow all these rules and you should be safe on social media.