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Nutrition Diva and Get Fit Guy

Nutrition Diva: Why Willpower Isn't Enough

Main Points:

*By March, almost 80% of "New Year Resolution's" are abandoned

*We put way too much trust in our willpower

*Having willpower is mentally demanding

*You can exercise your willpower just like you can exercise your muscles

*Carol Dweck, from Stanford University, sees willpower as a self-fulfilling prophecy (the more you think of willpower as a self-replenshing resource, the more you will have of it)

*Nature vs. Nurture

*The key is combining different strategies

3 Tricks To Help Increase Willpower:

1-Engineer your environment to remove temptation

2-Use positive redirection

3-Keep it simple!

My thoughts:

Focus more on your long term goals. Do not beat yourself up if you slip up once, but don't let that get you off track. Try to focus on the good foods you want to eat more of instead of the junk foods that make you feel tired and sluggish. This podcast can be linked to Get Fit Guy's "The Ultimate Driveway Workout" because exercising is an important component of staying healthy and increasing willpower. The more you exercise, the more willpower you will have mentally and physically!

Get Fit Guy: The Ultimate Driveway Workout

Main Points:

*A lot of people quit exercising because they get bored of their usual routine

*You can make a gym out of several different small spaces with limited equipment needed!

*Working out can be fun and allow you to be creative

My thoughts:

I thought this tied in with Nutrition Diva's podcast about willpower because sometimes willpower is truly not enough! Exercise is necessary to maintain good health and it also increases willpower. Many people find that they have more willpower when they feel better about themselves and their bodies. If your goal is to lose weight, you may be successful at first relying on pure willpower and dieting, but eventually you will plateau and need exercise to keep weight off. This podcast gave a great workout that you can do at home and you can even get your kids involved!

The Workout:

-Jumping Jacks (alternating)

-Body weight squats while balancing on skateboard

-Rapid fire volleys against garage door

-Sprints (a great way to get kids involved!)

-Tennis ball hits against garage door

-Jumping Jacks

-Shoot hoops (do burpees if you miss!)

-Four square exercises (help coordination)

**Do this routine as many times as you want

Guaranteed to be challenging and fun.