The worst day ever for Arab AL

Scariest day

The begining

It started off as a good day in Arab Alabama until tornadoes landed on the ground there was a E5 tornado in Main Street and then there was another 10 minutes away from Main Street and it was a E3 tornado.

The E3 tornado

The E3 tornado was the tornado that I nearly died in because it was in a field 30-40 feet away when we pulled in we ran to get into the barn and when we did it took 1 minute to hit the barn and when it did it took off the roof about 20 feet away from me and my granny and aunt.

My Helpfull dad

On the worst day ever for my life my dad went to help other people and see if they were okay or not. My dad was gone for at least 1 hour trying to help people and after the tornado it was a very quit day.

The House

When we were done staying at the barn watching the tornado we went to go look at the house when we went to look we saw that we had 4 holes in our roof and it was flooded and we saw that a tree nearly crushed our dog named chubs and he managed to survive and he was very happy to see us.