Reading Specialist


Using QR Codes

Taking my reading specialist in person has allowed me to gain more confidence in using more technology in the classroom. Specifically, I understand the opportunity for learning in the classroom to be enhanced by using QR codes as learning tools. During the workshop that was facilitated by Nikki Madgett, I downloaded a QR code reader, after much hesitation. It was almost as if I was not willing to learn a new tool, in efforts not to be overwhelmed. Once I actually downloaded the App, I realize how useful of a tool it could be. After class I did some research of how QR codes can be used in the classroom and wider school community. There is plenty of opportunity to extend learning and include the community in your classroom.

I feel that something as simple as an App, such as a QR code reader, can enhance the learning experience for my class. In an ever advancing society, it is important to keep up with technology, as opposed to ignoring the advances. Including this in the classroom allows students to further develop their understanding of technology as well. This tool can be used for scavenger hunts, parent teacher conferences, and posting what is being done in the class in newsletters, class websites, and blog postings. I am glad that I have made it a point to learn, and understand this app as I can see it really enriching my classroom this coming school year.