Drink Driving

by Brahmani Veronica Manning

Road Safety

Road safety surrounding Alcohol.
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What Is The Issue

In everyday use, alcohol usually refers to drinks such as beer, wine, or spirits containing ethyl alcohol - a substance that can cause drunkenness and changes in consciousness, mood, and emotions. It is these intoxicating and psychoactive effects that lead to so many accidents, injuries, diseases, and disruptions in the family life of everyday Australians.


3.4 Million random breath tests were conducted in Australia.

33% of all drink drivers involved in fatal accidents are people aged between 17-24.

90% of drink drivers in fatal accidents are male.

90% of drink driving accidents occur in rural areas

18-20% of all road accidents include drink diving

Dont Rush Campaign

the 'Don't Rush' campaign is an initiative that deals with speeding of young people in NSW. It focuses on the consequences of speeding and how they outweigh the reasons young people speed. The campaign uses Tv ads, radio advertising, online banners and posters to reach its audience. It is an effective campaign because it shows the reality of what can happen when you speed.
Bloody Idiots TAC Drink Drive TV ad
Speeding. How sorry will you be?