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Message from the Principal

Greetings Ram Nation,

First, I would like to communicate how much we appreciate your family’s grace and patience as we navigate through the beginning of the school year under these unprecedented conditions. Our students and staff will be experiencing school in a totally different way this week. We know from the outset that we are probably going to have to make adjustments as we move throughout the year. We are also aware that these changes can breed some anxiety, and we are going to work hard to help our students and staff through this process. With that being said, I don’t know that there has ever been a time in public education where the need for teamwork and a true sense of school community has been more important. We are going to need all parties, students, staff, and families to pull together and be one school community. We may make mistakes and may have setbacks, but we will learn and grow together as a community. Based on my experience at Robertsville, I am confident that our school community will work together to provide the best education for our students while keeping our school community safe.

We also want to be sure that we are providing you all of the information you could possibly need. We will be providing our Ram Report each Sunday in phone and email formats, keeping our Robertsville Review up to date with information, updating our Twitter feed @RMSortn, and posting information to our school website. That being said, please contact the school administration if you have any questions.

We are in this thing together, and I couldn't think of a school community that I would rather be a part of!

And we will....Climb the Mountain,

Kirk W. Renegar, Ed. D.


Robertsville Middle School

Virtual Presentation RMS Reopening Plan and RMS Reopening Safety Plan

Please see the link below to view the virtual presentation of the RMS Reopening Plan and RMS Reopening Safety Plan. Here Dr. Renegar explains the staggered reopening plan, ConnectOR, and all of the safety protocols (with pictures included) put in place at RMS.

Virtual New Student Orientation and RMS Virtual School Tour

Please see the links to the RMS Virtual New Student Orientation and RMS Virtual School Tour.

Link to Virtual New Student Orientation:

Link to RMS Virtual Tour:

Quick Reminders for the First Week

  • Student schedules will go live in Skyward on Tuesday, July 28 at 4:00 PM.
  • Additional information will be shared for with our Virtual Back to School Night on Tuesday, July 28.
  • Wednesday, July 29-ConnectOR Students are welcome to come to RMS between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM to pick up their laptop device, mask and temperature checks will be required to enter the building. Classes for ConnectOR will still begin on August 12.

  • Thursday, July 30 will be the first day for students with last name A-L for in-person instruction (students M-Z will not be required to log-in to Canvas as they will be yet to receive their laptop device) *This will be a full, regular schedule day with students dismissed at 2:45.*

  • Friday, July 31 will be the first day for students with last name M-Z for in-person instruction (students A-L will be required to log-in to Canvas for the purpose of attendance only) *This will be a full, regular schedule day with students dismissed at 2:45.*

Arrival and Dismissal Notes

Please be clear with your student as to how they are supposed to get home on the first day of school

Bus routes will be posted on the ORS website Monday evening.


  • Buses will be released in a staggered manner for temperature checks beginning at 7:00 AM
  • Car Riders/Walkers should not report to RMS prior to 7:15 AM, may use front bus loop or gym bus loop to drop off students
  • Tardy bell rings at 7:40 AM


  • Bus (Dismissed to front loop in a staggered manner two buses at a time, beginning at 2:45 PM.)
  • Car Rider (Dismissed to gym for pickup in the car rider loop beside gym at 2:45 PM. Staff will radio inside for students to report to be picked up. Will receive two car tags per student for use at dismissal.)
  • Walker (Dismissed to leave RMS campus by foot, exiting the front door of the building at 2:55/3:00 PM. This includes those being picked at either adjacent church parking lot.)
  • Bicycle (Dismissed to leave RMS, exiting the front door of the building at 2:55/3:00 PM. Riders must provide their own helmet and locking device for their bicycle.)

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RMS Staggered Reopening Plan

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Oak Ridge Schools COVID-19 Information

We want to make sure that our students and families understand that we are here to support during this unprecedented time in our history. Click the link below to stay up-to-date with information on COVID-19 from Oak Ridge Schools. You will find information on the Reopening Plans, ConnectOR, Communicable Disease Protocol, and much more.

Information on Canvas Learning Management System

What is a Learning Management System? A Learning Management System (LMS) is a way to simplify teaching and learning by connecting the digital tools teachers, students and parents use into one place.

Why are teachers in Oak Ridge using Canvas?

Teachers can use Canvas to:

Receive and grade student assignments, discussions, and quizzes.

Easily align assignments and rubrics to standards and/or learning objectives.

Provide students with written, audio, or video feedback and multiple revision/submission opportunities.

Organize all work and course-related events into one, drag-and-drop calendar.

Push course notifications to students via email and text.

Why might a student benefit from working in Canvas?

Students can use Canvas to:

Access class materials (calendar, assignments, quizzes, etc.) online using any device or any browser.

Track their progress through ongoing teacher feedback tools.

Receive course announcements, grade notifications, etc. instantaneously on their preferred device(s).

Easily collaborate with peers and teachers.

Why might a parent benefit from using Canvas?

Canvas Parent accounts enhance the potential for parents to engage in their children's education.

Parents can review upcoming or past assignments, check on grades, and receive alerts for student activity.

JMS Parent's Introduction to Canvas

Submitting Work in Canvas

We want to take this time however to share with you a few key tools for parents when looking at Canvas. One concern that is often expressed by students, teachers and parents is when students say, "I did that assignment, but I can't find it" or "I didn't know it was due" or "I lost it in my files". The video series presented by Mr. Fowler from JMS is designed to help parents and students learn more best practices for using digital tools like Canvas. The video below is designed specifically to help students and parents understand how to use Canvas better specifically on submitting assignments.

A Student's Guide to Canvas - Uploading a File

RMS Counseling Needs

About Robertsville

Robertsville Middle School Vision Statement:

To be a great school

Mission Statement:

Every child will be successful

Belief Statement:

  1. We believe all students can grow academically.
  2. We believe in a safe and secure learning environment.
  3. We believe that our school culture is built on respect.
  4. We believe in teacher collaboration in conjunction with community resources to provide students support.

Contact Information

Phone Numbers

Main Office: 865-425-9201

Counseling Center: 865-425-9202

Library & Computer Help Desk: 865-425-9153

Instructional Technology Coach: 865-425-9214

Cafeteria: 865-425-9235

Clinic: 865-425-9196

Fax Numbers

Main Office: 865-425-9247

Counseling Center: 865-425-9236

Administration Email

Principal Kirk W.

Vice Principal Christy

Dean of Students Mark

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