Lihere, Egalite, Fraternite

History Of France

France was a founder of the European Union, when they joined in 1952. France was once part of the Roman Empire.

Physical Features Of France

France is located in Europe. To the east the countries Italy and Switzerland. North of France is Luxembourg and Belgium. South of France is Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. To the west of France is the Bay Of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Interesting Facts

France's Currency

France currently uses Euro, but before they adopted Euro they used CFP Frac.

Rivers, Mountains, And Islands

France consists of the rivers Seine, Loire, and Garonne. The mountains are Alps, Massif, Central, and Pyrenees. The highest mountain is Mount Blanc, (Blanc means white). The island is Corsica.

Amazing Sites To See In France


There government is a Semi-Presedential System, and they are Democracity.