Snack Shack- 6 week Celebration!

A time to share about the BOOKS we recommend to others.

We'll be making a Fall Snack Mix

Would you be willing to send in a bag of something or a box of small drinks for your child to share with the class?

Last year, the base of our mix were things like Popcorn and Chex Cereal. Then kids added things like Pretzels, Cheez-its, Goldfish, Marshmallows and Candy. I will provide the brown lunch bags for them to put the snack stuff in and shake it all up. But I'd love help providing the rest. Your child can pick a favorite to bring (or something on sale!). Whatever works.

This really helps our class bond and some of them are running out of ideas of what to read next-- so this gives us some momentum headed into October. Thanks for your help! Please email me with any questions. Also please send in nothing with Peanuts (check the ingredients if you're not sure) as we have severe allergies in all our classes. Thanks again-