Providing High-school Mentorship

Maxie Palmer's Yousery Campaign

Please help support me to create educational change in our community

With your help, I plan to build a weekend mentorship program at high schools in Atlanta. In addition to direct tutoring, I will set-up a program for students in upper grades to help teach problem solving and critical thinking to lower grade students. This will help local students be more prepared for entering college, and set them up for success from day one.

Why donate?

Your donations will allow me to spend my free time to make this program a reality. The skills I learned in college have been tremendously valuable, but have left me with significant debt. Rather than getting a service job, I'd much prefer to have a big, direct impact on our community, and with your help this can become a reality that benefits everyone involved. You will receive regular updates showing the impact your contributions are having, the students in the community will gain free and valuable mentorship, and I will see contributions towards my student debt upon completion of this project.