The Folding Cabinet Bed

Is it a cabinet, or a bed?

What the is this, THING?

The folding cabinet bed, patented on July 14, 1885, was an invention made by Sarah E. Goode. Who was the first woman to receive a U.S. patent. The idea came from her knowing many people who live in small crammed apartments, making a bed more clutter. Many people complained about not having enough room for their furniture. So then, Goode invented a desk with much room for storage, that also folds out to a bed.

"This is crascyy!" - As told by Carlos Juanito Panacito Por La Lechito E La Gomez

"I pulled this lever on this desk eh? and then some board popped up on me like oh goodness holmes. I pull up that wood that alost kill me and there was blankets and stuff, and I pull even more, and it was a bed, then I was like this is crascyy!" And then the furniture guy come up on me and be like," eh mahhn ju gotta get off that bed holmes." And I says, "Nah holmes I'm chillin'. This bed like my mamma flower tortillas rolled up on a sunday morning!" And then I gets kicked outta thurr.


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