Field Hockey In India

Rules On Field Hockey In India

Field Hockey in India is played for both men and women. It it played by two 11-member team using sticks with a curved edge at the bottom. The object of the game is to hit the ball in the opponents goal. There are two goals at the end of each field. There is also a shooting circle, called a semicircle centered 16 yards from the goal. Each player on the field has a stick that has one flat side and on rounded. The ball can only be hit with the flat side of the stick. Each team has a goalkeeper that wears heavy protective padding, but the other players on the field usually don't wear protective gear. In field hockey there is an obstruction rule. The obstruction rule is that all players must have an equal chance to gain control to the ball as it is passed or dribbled down the field. Meaning one person from each team can only be on the ball at that certain time. The fouls include interference with the stick, hitting the ball with your hands or kicking it with your feet (all players except the goalkeeper) and rising the stick above your shoulder.

History On Field Hockey In India

In ancient Egypt and Persia, years ago, a game similar to field hockey was played. It was developed in the 19th century. India however has the most successful Olympic team, the men's team won 6 gold medals in a row. In 1964 and 1980 they won again. All together the men's field hockey team has won 8 gold medals, while Pakistan and Britain had 3. The sports decline in India began about 20 years ago, when cricket and tennis were more popular. Field Hockey in India is one of the oldest known sports, it was believe to exist about 1200 years before the ancient games of Olympia.

Men and Woman's Field Hockey

The first non-European team to be part of the International Field Hockey Federation, was the national men's field hockey team of India. The governing body of hockey is the international field hockey federation, with men and women being represented internationally in competitions including the Olympic games, Commonwealth Games, Hockey Would Cup,and Junior Hockey World Cup. Both men's and women's Hockey Words Cups will feature an increase 16 Nation field of participants because of the growth and development of the sport over the years.

Did You Know?

1.) The British army introduced field hockey to India as soon as it became one of the major sports of the country before coming the national game of India.

2.) India has won gold in the world cup, two in Asian games in 1982 and and two in Asia Cup in 2007.