The Temperate Deciduous Forest

What is it and what are its conditions?

What is it general climatic conditions?

Generally it will be -30°C to 30°C and yearly average is 10°C with hot summers and cold winters. The usually amount of rain per year is between 750 to 1,500 mm.
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What characteristics make them suitable to live here?

The trees give a lot of plants nutrients when there leaves fall off during fall.

What animals live here and what allows them to live here?

What characteristics gave them the ability to live in this biome.

Hawks have the air superiority so they don't have to many predators except hunters. They can swoop down and catch their prey with ease. Red Foxes tail gives them a lot of warmth during cold nights or the winter.

Is this land good land to farm and how good is the nutrients in the ground?

Yes, people build Towns and farms here all the time but we try to slow that rate. The ground is always having good nutrients cause of the leaves giving so much after fall.
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This is where the temperate deciduous forest is all over the globe.