One Came Home

By Amy Timberlake

"She's Not Dead"

Days before Agatha's disappearance, the Pigeons filled the blue sky's making them black. Then suddenly, one day. Agatha didn't come home. No one worried until days later. The sheriff searched for her and found a body. Hair, Auburn like Agatha's, a dress with the same stitching as Agatha's, but there was no face to the girl. Could it really be Agatha? Would Agatha, the great adventurer really die in such a way? Georgie doesn't believe it. There is too much evidence that says Agatha's still alive.

Why Should You Read This Book?

If you love non fiction books or westerns, I would definitely recommend this book. Also if you're looking for a mystery book, this is it. The book always keeps you hanging on until the end so you have to read the whole thing and it wont be disappointing. Here's a link of more interesting mystery books that you can find.
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My Personal Review

I did not personally like it that much. You probably should read True Grit instead of this if you like big kid books. This was one of the usual "Hey my sisters said to be dead but I don't believe it so lets find her!" books which there are already a ton of and also we followed through with this ladies crazy extinct pigeon obsession. It was very interesting book because of all the cliff hangers but "Oh My Lord" that was the biggest mystery reveal let down in history. It was an awful ending and I just can't get over that. My advice is just read True Grit. Its better, its cooler and it has a much better ending, I mean if you can handle fatal snake bites, a couple deadly shootings, and the awkward spanking scene, then you'll really enjoy it.

Quotes from the book

“So it comes to this, I remember thinking... it was the day of my sister’s first funeral, and I knew it wasn’t her last , which is why I left. That’s the long and short of it. But surely you’d rather hear the long than the short.”

"I froze. My body did anyway. My mind, on the other hand, jumped over the moon and ran off with the spoon"

"I hear things now and again. What I heard was that the Placid sheriff took that poor girl's body back with him, saying he thought he could identify her. Our sheriff said that given the rough condition of the body, it was difficult to say what happened."

"My hand skimmed one of the sharp corners I'd bumped against and I realized it was a stair. Stairs? In a cave?"


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One Came Home

Author Amy Timberlake, Publisher Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN 978-0-375-86925-9, Genre: Mystery, Western, Non Fiction

John Newbery Honor Book 2015

Edgar Award Winner for Best Mystery

China Times Best Book Award (Taiwan)

The Passenger Pigeon

The Passenger Pigeon is an extinct bird that used to be one of the most abundant birds in North America, which is now extinct due to over hunting during the railroad expansion. Pigeons are important in this book because Agatha left during the Pigeon nesting when all the pigeon hunters were there, and they seem to be a symbol in the book.

Books Like This

I know I have talked a lot about True Grit but I feel like this was almost a rip off of True Grit. It is basically the same story except Mattie Ross, the main character, is looking for her fathers killer. These books are extremely similar in the fact that they're both westerns and they're in the same exact time period. I do think True Grit is definitely more adult and deals with much more serious problems. I would say True Grit is a book for the mature but that doesn't make it a terrible read at all. And if you're too lazy to read the book there are two movies for the book. One was made in the 60's and the other was made about 6 years ago. Jeff Bridges is in the new one so its all ready been decided for which one to watch, duh.

Another Book Like This

Another book like this would be "Blood Red Road". "Blood Red Road" is also a western like book. The cover does not look western and boy was I shocked when I found out it was. It is a great book about a girl named Saba is looking for her twin brother after he is taken by four masked horse men. Its a great book if you can get past the no quotation marks and the heavy southern dialect. Also its a sappy love story but its kick butt action so who cares. The books that I'm comparing these to all seem to be gruesome with the whole "Saba cage fight to the death with strangers to save family stuff" or the "shoot guy in the eye who just cut off other guys fingers for giving away crooks hiding place" but they're still very good books. All of these books are mysteries about disappearances of loved ones and them trying to find them. Whats different about them all is how they deal with it. Georgie decided not to kill anyone even though she was in danger, and Saba killed so she could save her brother. Mattie from "True Grit" doesn't have the best message since she did kill the crooks for revenge for her fathers death but you know, whats the fun in doing the right thing?

Yet Another Book Like This

I would say that the book "Out of the Dust" is also like these other books mostly by the setting. This is another old time book about yet another girl. This one is my favorite childhood book even though its a pretty dark and sad and slightly gruesome book. I was a weird kid. But this book really reminds me of what "One Came Home" was described like. When you say dust storms are part of westerns, this one is just all about dust storms, and sadness......lots of depressing things. I think what all of these books have in common is that there all depressing. "One Came Home" is a very sad story and has a very sad ending to such a good book. I will never get over that. Its like having super high expectations like a roller coaster and you just keep going up until you go down a really really really tiny, terrible hill. Just don't read it. Read everything I recommended.