Cape Ras Hafun

Plains and Highlands

The features

The features that it has is really green land and its really warm and dry. its on the south and east coast. Where the color is where the country is located. It mostly consists of platues, plains, highlands.

The climate

In the winter it is really cold and wet it normally has snow and rain mixed together. In the fall its warm and cold it is normally wet and it still snows and rains. In the summer it is really hot and dry normally they dont get rain during the summers.

The population and religion

about 7,00 people live there and the religion they have is where they believe in there own religion Christianity and Islam.

Language and Geography

around 20 languages are spoken there. there are at least 4 that they mostly use and that is: Afro-Asatic, Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Congo, Khosian. It is surrounded by a body of water called Mediterranean sea.