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Friday 24th January

School News

We have renamed our parents evenings 'Learning Reviews' as these will focus heavily upon the progress that your child is making and how we can best support them in the coming terms. This term they will take place during the week of 2nd March. Please note that we will not share books during these meetings so that we can focus upon the strengths and barriers of the learning process. Books and other work can be viewed at the separate Open Classrooms which will take place on Wednesday 25th March.

Office News

Happy New Year,

This weeks reminders:

  • Next week we will be on WEEK 1 of the lunch menu. If you didn't submit lunch choices you are still able to do so but please let me know via email so i can ensure my records are updated. PLEASE NOTE: we will be changing the ham and pineapple pizza to a plain cheese pizza.
  • As always can I ask you to check ParentPay accounts regularly to ensure these are kept in credit. The costs for dinners this half term will be £11.50 per week or £78.20 until February half term.
  • On the 2nd February the system will be open to book your child's Learning Reviews (previously named parents evening) which will take place w/c 2nd March. If you have an issues accessing this please let me know.



Rainbow & Value Awards

Rainbow Awards this week:

  • Daniel Charge - for impressing me with your desire to try your best, to listen more carefully and for using beautiful manners. - Mrs Blades
  • Harry Leonard - for working so hard. Mrs Rehor has noticed such an improvement in your word knowledge. - Mrs Blades/Mrs Rehor
  • Ava Batley - for working hard and concentrating during your time with Mrs Rehor. Well Done! - Mrs Blades
  • Alex Southern - well done Mrs Rehor said you were a star during the '5 minute box'. - Mrs Blades
  • Ned Fielden - for listening to instructions so well when i taught your class on Wednesday - Mr Rich
  • Juliet Horne - for taking time out of your lunch break to help me change my maths working wall! It was a lovely act of kindness - thank you!! - Mr Rich
  • Alexander Wilkes - for your brilliant work ethic. I was so proud of your determination to complete the ratio problems even when you were finding it hard. Well Done!! - Mrs Elliott

Values Awards this week:

  • Clara Hinchliffe-Martinez - Respect Award - our target this week wa to be polite and well-mannered but you do this all the time. Thank you - Miss Holgate
  • Pearl Abbott - Courage Award - you showed great resilience when faced with some difficult maths questions today. I thought you were very courageous to have a second attempt. Well Done! - Miss Holgate
  • Ollie Holgate - Community & Compassion Award - for taking swift action and running to get help when another child fell and hurt themselves. - Miss Holgate
  • Finn Stratford - Courage Award - for being really brave when you slipped and bumped your head. Well Done!!
  • Evie Firmin - Respect Award - for always showing such lovely manners to me, your classmates and the adults you work with in school. - Mr Rich


Year 5 Day at SHS

Maple Lunch Day

Thursday, Feb. 13th, 12:30pm

Saxton, Tadcaster, UK

Saxton, England

Children in Maple would like to invite you to come into school and join them for lunch! The children will be in charge of the menu for the day and would love it if you could join them. Due to limited space in school i'm afraid we can only accommodate 1 person per pupil. If you would like to attend this session the £2.50 is payable via parentpay, where you can find further details.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Diary Dates

Saxton Parents Calendar

Details of events and school activities. This is also accessible through the school website.

Staff Shout Outs

Please take a minute to complete the form below and let us know which staff go above and beyond! We can then take the time to recognise their efforts and let them know they are doing a great job!!
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Car Parking reminder

Please be considerate when parking near the school crossing. If parked too close it can be very difficult to see if it is safe to cross, particularly at pick up time-thank you.


Please click here to be re-directed to ParentPay, where you can pay for lunches and other school related items.

Lunch Menu

Please click here to access the lunch link where you can make your child's choices for lunch this Term. If you do make amendments please remember to let me know!!

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