Curenton's Class News

Week of October 5, 2015

Reading and building Stamina

Students are reading and building stamina everyday in class. They are finding books they enjoy reading. I am sending a response log home for students to respond to books they are reading. Only one question should be answered per week to fit the book being read. The first question does not have to be the first one answered. Questions should be chosen to fit the book read. There will only be three questions in their response log at this time because there are only three more weeks left in this quarter.

A Look at the Week

  • In math we are learning ways to regroup when subtracting changing hundreds and tens.
  • We are still on week one in Fundations. We are learning how to add suffixes.
  • In reading we are learning how character traits play an important part of the story.
  • Students are watching seeds germinate in two different kinds cups and bags. We are studying parts of a plant and the importance of each part. We are learning the life cycle of a plant.

  • We will have a Pep Rally for the Fun Run on Tuesday at 12:00
  • Fun Run is October 15.
  • Pictures are October 16.

Family Journal

Students are bringing home a Family Journal every Friday. They will have written about their week in the journal for you to read and respond. Students are so excited when they come in on Monday morning showing me what has been written to them. Please take time to write back to your child and send it back to school each Monday.