treasure hunt and sample

Compile your own resource collection


When teachers start exploiting cloud based tool for teaching they get excited. Rightly so in my view. BUT, they can sometimes forget that colleagues from all over the world may have got excited before them about exactly the same things. The stuff they made is in the cloud so why not search and 'curate' things that they have made either with a view to using it as is or seeing if it can be adapted, subverted , duplicated or improved later. This isn't's about canny global collaboration. This task is designed to get you thinking about what's already out there and to help you find a way to use your expertise to pull it all together and then give your students access to these 'approved', curated resources via a single link.

What to do

Create an account in SMORE or LINOIT

In Smore- start a new flyer and post your resources to that.

In Linoit- create a new linoit (don't use the 'main' or sample ones)

Then, in your chosen format:

nb. it may help to think of a topic you are teaching soon and try to find resources linked to that theme.

1. Find a good website, copy the link and paste it into your Smore/ Linoit
2. Find a single YouTube video relevant to your subject put it into your collection

2a (extension task if you are feeling very confident: find a useful Youtube playlist and link to that.
3. Add 'infographic' to a google search for a topic you are teaching soon. Find one you like link to it
4. Add '.ppt' to a google search of a topic you are teaching soon. Find a powerpoint that you could download and edit- put the link to the site in your collection saying what it's about (4a. extension if you are feeling very confident: download it, edit it, upload to google drive, then link to it)
5. Go to quizlet and find a card set relevant to what you teach. Copy the link to the cards or test and put it in your Linoit or Smore
6. Find a relevant existing Prezi and link to it

7. Find a relevant picture and insert that somewhere in your Smore or Linoit to make it look nice.

I have done one below to show you what it might look like and have also done one in Linoit here.

Sample treasure collection...on Apostrophes

1. A good web link

The link below (or I could insert it here in the text if I want by using the chain icon like this) gives the basic rules of apostrophe use aand some simple examples. A really good starting point I think.

2. A useful Youtube video

Below you will see a great refresher video from Ted Ed. (Again I could have just linked it in here)
When to use apostrophes - Laura McClure

2a. Extension task- a youtube playlist on apostrophes

see below
English Writing - Using Apostrophes

3. An infographic

4. A link to someone else's powerpoint about apostrophes

4a. or the same one edited

I downloaded it, added some images then re-uploaded it to the cloud- note how I have been careful to leave the attribution for the original creator.

or...the same one uploaded but now converted to google slides but with the sharing permissions changed so that anyone can edit it.

5. A quizlet