Sam Wakeley



Growing up in the hood was hard and there was a lot of violence. I think all the violence led me to become BATMAN! The one that really did it was bank robbing on main street. It was Ian and I. Ian got hit and after that everything went black. I was buried alive and Ian who was born on Krypton, and dug me out!

Ian (Superman)

I was born on Krypton, raised by a pack of Marshians. I was taught how to fight and kill, one day out of no where i flew 100,000,000,000 miles all the way to earth. There i met Sam my bffl. He took me in and helped me learn the way of Earth life. I became very competitive and Sam and i kind of split of from there

Vinny (Green lantern)

Josh (Capt. America)

Zack (Spider man)

Emma (Wonder women)