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July 14, 2022

July Federal Publication: Petroglyphs

License plates from many states are seen driving through South Dakota. Back roads leading to small towns finding Americana, adventures of prairie covered cemeteries, hidden caves in search of petroglyphs or historic rock art. Petroglyphs, also called pictographs, are found in various areas across South Dakota. When found, the rule is look but do not touch. Across the globe, attention to ancient cave and cliff art in Europe, carved animal figurines, detailed small stone sculptures and tools that tell stories of daily activity.
Three handprints in quartzite boulder near Missouri River South Dakota

Three handprints in quartzite boulder near Missouri River South Dakota

Photo from book Storied Stone OCLC#52178540

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Book cover of "Early Art of the Northern Far East: The Stone Age" by M.A. Kiriyak, Translated by Richard L. Bland

I 19.2:AR 7/2

Early Art of the northern Far East: the Stone Age

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