American Ammunition

Friends, Family, Fun

Gun Range

Our gun range is open to anyone. We have a cheap hourly rate and you can rent guns eye and ear protection. Our gun range is open from 9 to 10 every day except Sunday.

Self Defense

We have self defense teachers that do lesions every day we are open. This too is a cheap hourly rate. We also have several different types of martial arts including judo, karate and taichi to name a few.


We feature a plethora of guns. There are many types and styles of guns. We do modern guns as well as older guns. We also make our own guns. We have several gunsmith working day and night to create and fix your guns. And we will import anything we don't already have within a month.

Machine guns

Our collection of machine guns vary from the first like the gatling guns to the most modern guns like the miniguns. We sell all calibers from .22 to as big as you can find. We do maintenence on all types of guns to keep them in tip top shape.