Vocal Coach: Leila Florentino

with a focus on strong vocal technique

Every Singer Needs TECHNIQUE

All levels... All ages.... and all styles! Leila's way of teaching is all about the techniques that you use. It doesn't matter what style of music you would like to work on... You will always need technique.

Learning with Leila will:

  • Expand your range using proper breathing and soft palate position
  • Develop your mix belt and your upper and lower vocal register
  • Learn good interpretation skills and audition skills

Vocal Coach: Leila Florentino

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 8pm

3700 Barham Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

Please come prepared with a song that Leila can give suggested techniques...

Let's have fun!

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Who is Leila Florentino?

Leila is best known for playing the lead role of Kim in the Broadway Production of Miss Saigon. She has been teaching for 21 years in Los Angeles, New York & France.

Leila Florentino is the founder of The American School for the Performing Arts in Paris, France. She also gives private voice lessons, group classes and workshops for singers, actors and dancers. The American School for the Performing Arts also offers piano lessons, guitar lessons and dance classes.

Former students include: Alison Brie, MAry Elizabeth Winstead, G Hannelius and Johana Louis - Muci

Leila Florentino - Vocal Coach

Available for private sessions in your apartment or via Skype. Call today!