Web Developer


How many people are currently employed in this career?

There are about 141400 people currently employed in this career.

What does someone who has this job do?

A person who had this job design and create websites. They are responsible for the aesthetics of the site (how it looks). They also may work on the technical part of the site such as performance and user capacity.

What type of person would do well in this job?

The type of person that would do well in this job as a web developer would be someone who can work well with others. The person should ask intelligent questions and also comprehend the product that will make the client happy or envisioning their idea or thought.

What training is required to do this job?

The training needed to be a web developer is a bachelor's degree in computer science, communications or business. Also, a completion of a college program in computer science and graphic art. Web design and or business is also required.

How do you become a Web Developer? - Metal Toad Media

What advice would you give someone interested in this job?

Some advice we would give to someone interested in being a web developer is to be an attentive listener to either your authorities or your client. You should probably want to be good at imagining peoples ideas. Someone interested in this job should also be able to work well with others. Basically just be a good and reasonable employee that people look forward to working with.

Why would someone want this job?

Someone might want this job because it is mostly a self-employed line of work and you can make a good amount of money in this job. Also a creative person would most likely enjoy this job because it is being artsy and designing how something will look for others to see. It will be easier for new-coming web developers to get a job because the employment is projected to grow 20 percent from 2012 to 2022 (faster than average).

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