Mrs. Foreman's Lesson Plan

Theme 6 Week 1 I Move

Hush Little Baby | + More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Breakfast and Independent Learning

Relaxing Sleep Music ♪ Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Calm, Meditation Music

Live Announcements

Greeting Circle

*unite....Can You Move with Me and Get Ready

* calm...Pretzel Breathing

* connect...Rituals and Move What I Touch

*commit...Choose Agreement

Morning Message

Day 1 I can dance beside a friend. Can you?

Day 2 I can boogie, can you?

Day 3 I can hop like a bunny, can you?

Day 4 I can count blocks, can you?

Day 5 How can you move outside?

Step 1:Say the Sentence

Step 2:Write the Sentence

Step 3:Practice Letter Writing

Music and Movement

List Moving and Movement Activity from Frog Street:

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Tooty Ta

I Can Dance

Read Alouds

The Numeral Dance

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Dance It Out

Day 3: Numeral Rhymes

Day:4 Action Words

Day 5: Hop, Jump, Go

Samantha on a Roll

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2:Personal Space

Day 3:Steep Slope

Day 4:Moving Fun

Day 5: What's Mama Doing?


Day 1:Vocabulary

Day 2:Phonological Awareness

Day 3:Shared Writing

Day 4: Guided Reading/Writing

Day 5:Alphabet Knowledge

Alphabet Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activity

Alphabet Phonics Song


Teacher Activity: journals-snowman with name, 3 game Sound Match

Teacher Assistant Activity: letter writing on snowman, winter chains (fine motor)

Independent Stations: stencils with labels, mitten match


Day 1:Digging Through the Digits

Day 2: Teetering Through the Teens

Day 3: Twisting Through the Twenties

Day 4: Dance the Decades

Day:5 Moving Along the Number Line

Number Activities

Count from 1-10 | A Valentine's Day Counting Special | UniLand Kids


Days 1: Introduction

Days 2- 4: Explore

Day 5:Share Discoveries

Learning Centers/ Practice Centers

Nunley/Foreman: finish testing

Art: paint snowflake

Pretend: Animal cards for Charades

Block: marble run

Library: The Snowy Day book with felt characters

Writing: number line

Additional Read Alouds

An Elephant & Piggie Book. Elephants Cannot Dance
Color Dance Read Aloud | Kids Books | Read Along
Hilda Must be Dancing
Winter Dance | Read aloud for Kids | by Marion Dane Bauer

Rest Time

Closing Circle

Check Commitments

Display Word of the Week

Review and Reflect

Activities Page 26

Reflection: Come back tomorrow...see ya later rhyme