CAVA Winter Strong Start Workshops

Feel more confident when your child starts school!

Strong Start Workshops for Parents and Learning Coaches

Transitioning to online school can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Throughout the month of January we are offering workshops to help you feel more assured as your child starts school with us.

We are excited to have you joining us for spring semester! We look forward to working with you and your child and ensuring that they are successful in their new educational setting. We are offering several online workshops between now and the start of the new semester to help get you both off to a strong start. Please look through the catalog below and mark your calendar for the sessions that apply to you.

All Grade Levels

Blackboard Basics: Blackboard Collaborate is the tool that your child’s teachers will use for live classes and lessons. This live interactive session will give you a chance to learn how to use Blackboard so that you can help your child navigate the tool more easily right from the start.

· Jan. 4, 2:00pm

· Jan. 14, 11:00am

· Jan. 19, 6:30pm

· Jan. 26, 11:00am

Community Day Options: Community Day is a program offered during the school year that combines the unique elements of online and offline learning with social activities for grades K-8, and in some locations K-12. Teachers, parents, and students meet weekly in a friendly, enriching, and interactive learning environment for instruction and face-to-face interaction. Come and learn about Community Day and see if this might be a good option for your family. Bring your questions, or even sign-up after learning more! This session is presented by Karla Foster, Regional Lead Teacher of the Community Day program.

· Jan. 7, 10:00am

· Jan. 15, 10:00am

· Jan. 21, 4:00pm

Strategic Scheduling: Strategic Scheduling is the best way to manage each day and each week ahead. We will share ways that you can look at your days and weeks that will help you best configure your family's life and school time. Routines, structured schedules, flexible schedules, household chores, as well as tried and true tips on how to take on schooling at home will be part of this special session for you. Please note that this is a recorded workshop, presented by K12; you can access this recording any time at

Grades K-8

The Role of a K-8 Learning Coach: You will work closely with your child each day, so it’s critical for you to understand the responsibilities of your role and how you will support your child in his/her education. In this session you will learn how to ensure that your child is on track and finding success!

· Jan. 12, 10:30am

The OLS Tools: This session will teach you how to access your K-8 student’s lessons, log attendance, check her progress, and communicate with your student’s teacher via Kmail, the secure messaging system used by your school. As your child's Learning Coach, understanding these tools will save you time and make your job easier! This session will show you all the tools that you will need to make the K12 Online School work for you!

· Jan. 6, 11:00am

· Jan. 22, 11:00am

Completing a Lesson in the OLS: Join this session to learn about the components of an online lesson. You’ll also learn some best practices for using them in each of the different grade bands (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8).

· Jan. 8, 11:00am

· Jan. 13, 11:00am

Elementary School Overview: Learn the specific requirements of our Elementary School (K-5) program. We will cover the grading scale, required assessments, work submissions, and more!

· Date and Time to be determined

Middle School Overview: Learn the specific requirements of our Middle School (6-8) program. We will cover the grading scale, required assessments, work submissions, and more!

Date and Time to be determined

High School

The Role of a High School Learning Coach: Even though your student is in High School and has teachers for each subject, it is vitally important that you know the elements of the online school in order to support your student. Join this important session to learn how to check your student’s progress, grades, and much more. This session is too important to skip!

· Jan. 5, 11:00am

· Jan. 29, 11:00am

A Day in the Life of a High School Family: A high school student still needs guidance with time management and organizational skills. Come and learn some tips for supporting your high school student and helping them to succeed in our online setting.

· Jan. 20, 10:00am

How to Help Your Student Stay Organized in School: Parents and Learning Coaches will learn practical steps they can take to make sure their student gets organized and stays organized in our online learning environment.

· Jan. 14, 10:00am Join with this link:

· Jan. 14, 7:00pm: Join with this link:

The High School Experience: This workshop will show you the how to use the online High School Learning Experience in order to maximize your time, organize your work, and set up for success. Join this in-depth look at the High School Learning Experience to see what's in store and be ready to hit the ground running on your first day of school. Please note that this is a recorded workshop, presented by K12; you can access this recording any time at