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Amelia Earhart receives her own airline!


Amelia Earhart just received an airline, but does she deserve it? Of course she does! Amelia is the most courageous women that I know! When she was asked to fly across the Atlantic, she accepted the offer, unlike any other woman would do. She became the first woman to ever fly across the Atlantic Ocean! She continued to fly, but this time as the pilot. She made a solo flight from Hawaii to California, a longer distance than the flight from the U.S. to Europe. She was the first person to fly that route successfully. All earlier attempts had failed. She didn't stop there. She kept on flying longer and harder routes. She challenged herself to fly around the globe with only her navigator. After completing two-thirds or the trip successfully, she suddenly disappeared in the Pacific. Amelia was definitely an extraordinary person.

Amelia Earhart in the cockpit.