Every Soul a Star Book review

By:Rojan Niazi

Every soul a star is an award winning book by Wendy Mass.It has won ten book awards in four years, and is a four and a half star book.The plot of the story is that three different teenagers Ally, Bree, and, Jack are going to a moon shine camp that happens very rarely to take a glimpse at extraordinary total eclipse of the sun.These three teenager all have a different scenario in their lives and all have one thing in common, and it is that they all have a passion for something in their life.Ally always is in the mood for scientific thing such as labyrinths, comets, and star- gazing.gazing. Bree wishes to be on the front cover of vogue, and likes modeling very much to enter in pageants.Jack is awkward in his own opinion, and spends lots of his time by himself

  • The first reason I liked this book was because of the theme of the story which was be true to yourself and don't be anyone else but you
  • The second reason is the book is not meant to be read ahead due to the unique chapter style which is that every character has there pattern for every chapter
Over all this is an astounding book. I enjoyed reading this book, and I advise you reading it too
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