Wechsler Individual Achievement Test

Makayla Pawlicki

Test information

The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, was created by David Wechsler. He created this test to asses the achievement of students by analyzing multiple skills, or one specific skill a student has challenges with.the test can also assist professionals in determining whether a student is eligible for a learning disability.Skills assessed include:

  • math reasoning
  • writing, listening
  • oral expression
  • reading comprehension
  • spelling.
  • listening comprehension
  • written expression
  • word reading

After David Wechsler's death WIAT was published by Person and PsychCorp in 1996, and later revised in 2005. This test is given to children, teens, college students and adults ages 4-85 or grades preK-16.

Requirements for Testing

  • WIAT has specific timing information included in the record form. depending on the grade and the topic, a time allowance will be shown. otherwise testing time for grades preK-K is 45 minutes, Grades 1-6 is 90 minutes, and for grades 7-16 1.5-2 hours is allowed.
  • To be qualified to administer WIAT, the examiner must have educational or a psychological testing experience . a person without experience can still administer the test with supervision.
  • WIAT consists of two "Stimulus booklets" and a record form
  • The test must also be given in a pleasant assessment environment.
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WIAT is scored on paper, with pencil. It is best to do it this way to have immediate results, and to know what exactly the challenges the student has. WIAT has a Reverse Rule (Basil) of 3 and a changing Discontinue Rule (Ceiling) depending on the subject. WIAt is also scored as a 1 if the answer was correct or a 0 if it was wrong. after administering the WIAT the scores are evaluated to determine the students age equivalent, grade eqivalent, the standard score, and the confidence interval.
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