Meaningful Learning With Technology

Chapter 4 & 5

Supporting Writing With Technology

As teachers we can observe how digital technologies are shaping student writing and have also become helpful tools for teaching.

Collaborative Writing With Technology

Concept mapping is a method of organizing thoughts in a manner which allow students to flow clearly and logically. Occasionally referred to as clusters or concept webs, concept maps include a central theme or topic and related branches showing how the ideas are connected. Writers often find concept mapping to be a powerful tool in generating and categorizing ideas in a logical, hierarchical fashion. Often the use of concept maps allows writers to work more quickly and efficiently. Learner could be engaged in different activities like: brainstorming, structuring the flow of their writing, generating text to be used in their written product, editing texting, and negotiating meaning of any of these task.

Modeling With Technology

Peer Feedback on Writing

Having students give feedback to one another on their papers can have many advantages: the students get opportunities to develop their ability to give constructive feedback, they receive advice on their drafts, they have a broader audience for their work than just a single instructor, and they see different approaches other students have taken in responding to an assignment.

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Why Mindtools are important?

I think Mindtools are cognitive tools that stimulate learning and thinking among students. This technology is being used in today’s schools to “teach” students in much the same way that educators “teach” students.

The last frontier

How teachers can properly assess their students while keeping standards high is a problem that will continue to be faced in the years to come. With the advent of the computer, and properly integrating the computer into a classroom setting, assessing students can now be done in a variety of ways.
Assessment used to be done with paper and pencil, now those same rubrics have gone online. Students’ ease of comfort with the computer is prevalent, and that should be foremost in a teacher’s mind. When we (educators) combine both elements (traditional methods and using technology) in their teaching, new benefits arise for the teacher and the student.