Digital footprint

Viviana Enciso

What it is and why is it so important

Digital footprint s who you are in the social media world it is important to have a positive digital footprint because when you apply for a job or if you study a career most likely your boss is going to check you out to see what kind of person you are because your social media world reflects who you are in real life

How I Started

In the beginning of the year i didn't have a lot of social media i only had the basics like facebook snapchat and instagram and skype those where the only social media i knew and i was basically invisable in the socila medis world

How I Ended

Now that it is the end of the semester you can basically find me everywhere I have a blog of my own i have Twitter, LinkedIn, a YouTube channel, a pintrest account a vine account a google plus account and i continue to have facebook, snapchat and instagram

What i Should Have Done To Be Better

I think i should have been more active on my accounts because some accounts like my linked in account and vine i just made them to make them i didn't really use them not because i dint want to but because i wasn't used to them and i didn't see the purpose and i didn't have time to try them out

my future

This is going to help me in my future because i want to be a techer and i want to set a good first impression for myself

What i have learned

To keep a positive digital footprint you need to not post just random things but things that matter and things that you either need help in or just really awesome things that happen to you

How Is It Harmful In My Future

I do use some social media to just goof around for example Instagram is for my private life and so is snapchat. Twitter and Facebook i use it to post stuff but also i communicate with teachers from my old school to get advice and even though we don't see each other we communicate all the time

How Will I Continue

To continue having a positive reflection and make it even more better i will be deleting social medias i do not use and i will filter all the other social medias to make them ever bigger and have a more positive reflection towards me in my future.