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Recording Outstanding Education

Volume IV, No. 11

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.

Marathon High Takes Off

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Congratulations to the Yulee High School Marathon High for completing the Donna 13.1 half marathon on February 14, 2021.

In October, YHS Marathon High runners begun training for the Donna 13.1 half marathon. Training consisted of meeting 3 times a week with several 5K races throughout the season. The 13.1 miles consisted of 2 loops in Jacksonville which included the River Walk, Main Street Bridge, and the Acosta Bridge. This was YHS's 10th season participating with Marathon High.

Noah Smith placed 1st and Cole Tate placed 4th on the day of the Marathon High Group Run. Noah Smith also finished in the top 10 overall for the Donna 13.1 and finished in the Top 5 overall male category!

These students run for the Donna Breast Cancer Research and Awareness because it has affected some of their families. Congratulations and job well done YHS Marathon High!

Yulee High School - Marathon High Running Club Season 10 - 2020-2021

Coaches: Herman Cook, Bill Murto, Amy Grunewald, Jonathan Tate, Lynette Brosius
Students: Noah Smith, Aiden Griffin, Leo Bauer, Aiden Oglesby, Eva Burbo, Mykenzie Walsh, Cassidy Monticello, Cole Tate

Celebrating Literacy Week

Students at Yulee Primary School in Mrs. Crowder’s first-grade class celebrated literacy week by doing an author study on Doreen Cronin. The students read several of her books and really enjoyed them.

The students painted watercolor cows similar to the cows in many of Cronin’s books. Madeline and James are showing off their artwork of the watercolor cows.

Students read Click, Clack I Love You, and completed a sequencing activity. Abby is showing off her sequencing skills and her Baby Duck from the story.

The students read other books by Cronin and completed a retelling activity. Their retelling was put on a barn since the setting in many of Cronin’s books are on a farm. Alex and Kullen are working hard to retell the book on their barns.

STEAM Into Learning

The Kindergarten students at Southside Elementary have enjoyed participating in various STEAM activities. Using the STEM kits from the SWFLANT grants, they completed pumpkin investigations. They measured pumpkin pictures using non-conventional methods, such as cubes and paper clips. They also engineered pumpkin catapults using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and spoons and measured the distance they (orange pompom balls/"pumpkin") traveled.


Callahan Intermediate is full of kindness!

CIS is full of kindness!

Artists in the Making

At Yulee Primary School, Mrs. Fleming's class completed an in-house virtual field trip by hosting a Valentine's Day Paisley Grace Makery painting event! Each student chose a design and then painted their boards with their chosen colors to make personalized Valentine designs to take home. Students had amazing creativity!

Active Conversations

Ms. Scholes and her English Language Learner students at Emma Love Hardee Elementary have been practicing their conversational skills in English. They have been playing engaging games, like a special version of Taboo. Students try to guess the different things that are on the Promethean board from the hints their partner is speaking. The students beg to play this game!

Discovering Types of Energy

At Wildlight Elementary, Ms. Wells had her 4th-grade students excited about learning. The students were exploring kinetic and potential energy. Building roller coasters and using cars is just the way to practice this concept. The students made many connections!


Reading is a SMASH!

Mrs. McNally, Yulee Primary School, had her 1st-grade students practice their reading skills in a smashing way. The students were breaking apart the sounds in words that they were reading before they read the word.

Pictured are: Grayson Allen, Dashton Law, and Rylee Thornton

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Digital Valentines

Patients at St. Jude Children’s Hospital recently received a digital surprise from Mrs. Crowder's students at Yulee Primary School. The students sent virtual Valentine’s Day cards to brighten their days. Each student wrote a message to a patient, selected an e-card design, typed their message, and sent the card digitally.

Little Warriors Love Literacy


Teachers of Tomorrow

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Callahan Intermediate School recently started their Teachers of Tomorrow Club. The TOTS Club gathered together for students to get to know the other club members with team building activities & put together goodie bags for all faculty and staff.

Plasma Balls Spark Interests

What Would Be In Your Sarcophagus?

The Gifted Students in Mrs. Cruce's classes at Bryceville Elementary, Callahan Elementary, Callahan Intermediate, Hilliard Elementary, and Wildlight Elementary traveled back in time to the days of the Ancient Egyptian civilization to learn about government, language, daily life, and much more.

As a culminating activity, students created a Sarcophagus Project. The students did an amazing job creating a Sarcophagus that told the story of their life. In class, each student researched various sarcophagi noting the different designs and features. Then, they had to write about 3 past events from their life that were special to them. They also had to write about 3 future events that they would like to see happen in their future. They researched how to write their name in hieroglyphics and looked up 3 Egyptian symbols and their meaning to include on their final project. Students designed a headpiece and completed a rough draft.

Once they finished the design process for the Sarcophagus, students then "Packed for the afterlife" just as Egyptians did by picking out 10 things they would like to put inside the Sarcophagus. These items had to be things that were special to them or that they felt they would need in the afterlife. As they made their list they were quite surprised how hard it was to make the decision of what to take. Finally, they made their Sarcophagus at home using any box or materials needed. They filled their box with the 10 items and brought them to school to present to their class. The students enjoyed seeing all the creative projects and hearing their classmates present. It was an exciting way to end the Egyptian study.


Make a Connection, Make an Impact

Emma Love Hardee's custodian, Ms. Brittany, makes it a priority to connect to students. She leaves notes on students' desks to encourage them. Thank you to Ms. Brittany for your impact on the Little Pirates!

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Way is Making a Way for Everyone

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Students in Mrs. Murray's class at Yulee High School are improving leadership and social skills with the help of Mr. Troy Way from Yulee Middle School. Several times per week, Mr. Way joins the students before school to talk about leadership, faith, social skills, and being a good student and citizen. Mr. Way hosts his Each One, Reach One session to help students build knowledge and connections.

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Cupid and Coffee

Wildlight Elementary's Hospitality Committee treated the faculty and staff to a Cupid's Coffee Bar on Friday, February 12th. Southern Blend, located in Yulee, supplied hot and iced coffee along with all the fixings.