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Elizabeth answers your questions

Dear Elizabeth

I'm having trouble trouble with my skin. It's like my skin isn't moisture. It's very dry and I keep breaking out. Everytime I go outside I come in and my skin gets worst. So since my face is messed up I put alot of make-up on my face. When I take off the make-up seems as if my face gets worst, I need your advice.

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Dear Ciara

I know your skin isn't in good shape , that is why I'm here. When you go outside for a while and you know you are you should use sunscreen. Sunscreen protects your skin. The sun can damage yours skin. Your skin gets dried up and starts to peel and crack after all. The sun is what dries up your skin. Also you shouldn't wear as much make up on your face because that breaks it out to. You should always moisture your face. Even if you don't at least try to moisturize your face everyday if not 2 or 3 days a week. Another thing is the products you should use is suave, Olay, and dove.

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