Principal's Newsletter

From the Desk of Ms. Clark

February 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

As we celebrate yet another Catholic Schools Week, we are reminded that Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School is not just a school. We are a community. SKD is a community with a strong focus on academic excellence, high moral standards, and faith development.

We are a Catholic School with a vision of what it means to follow Jesus and the teachings of His church. We are a powerful place that inspires hope in a world sadly depleted of hope. We are a place where we teach that with God, all things are possible when we trust in His power and strength.

At the close of this year’s celebration, on behalf of Monsignor Marine, Father Mike, our faculty, our staff, and our students, I thank you for helping make our week a success and for all you have done and continue to do in order to aid us in our mission.

God's blessings,

Ms. Clark

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IMPORTANT- Morning Drop-off and Arrival

Once again, traffic and lateness are occurring due to parents not properly following the instructions for morning arrival. I remind you that the morning drop off is an express line; parents may not stop and get out of their cars. Please be sure your child is ready to exit the car once you arrive.

Students must exit from the PASSENGER SIDE once you have stopped at the curb. Children must not wait to exit the car until you reach the church. Students MUST be ready to exit the car once pulling into the car line drop-off in order to eliminate back-up traffic. DO NOT DRIVE OUT OF THE CAR LINE. PLEASE WAIT FOR THE LINE TO MOVE SLOWLY TO EXIT.

If you need to bring your child into the school building or if your child is not ready to exit the car, you MUST park your car and enter through the main school entrance. You must report to the office.

No car is permitted pass the cones once they are being placed at 8:13am even if you were in line with the traffic.

Best of Bucks

We are thrilled to have been nominated for the Best of Bucks! We need your help! Voting begins on January 15th. Visit to vote for your school!

Let's Go Eagles

Our students enjoyed this week by showing their Eagles spirit and pride. As stated yesterday in my letter to all parents, in the event the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl, Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School will be closed for the victory parade. I will also send a phone call / text message confirming this closure should it occur. GO EAGLES!

When to Keep Your Child Home From School

  1. Illness that prevents the child from participating in activities.
  2. Fever (100° or higher). Students may not return to school until free of fever without fever medication for 24 hours.
  3. Diarrhea or vomiting during the previous 24 hours. Student may not return to school until appetite has returned to normal.
  4. Rash with a fever.
  5. Other conditions deemed appropriate after assessment by the certified school nurse and/or the staff nurse.

If your child is sick, please keep him or her home. Please remind your child to always remember to wash his or her hands. Studies have proven that hand washing (next to the flu shot) is the BEST way to avoid colds and flu. A healthy diet and sleep also keep your immune system going, so be sure that your child gets plenty of rest!

Toddler Play Group

From babyhood onward, playing helps to develop physical skills, teaches problem solving, communication, social interaction – and obviously, it’s great fun. Community playgroups are fun and open to everyone. At St. Katharine Drexel, we're exploring the idea of creating a toddler playgroup.

Please take a moment to to complete the following survey to let us know how/if a toddler playgroup could benefit your family.

Click Here for survey.

Host Families Needed

Please see the letter below from Maritza Kelly, Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Bede Church. Please let Maritza know if you are able to help!

WANTED: Used Legos

As we constantly update and improve our Media Center, Mr. McWilliams is in need of LEGOS---lots and lots of LEGOS! If you have legos at home that are not being used and you are willing to donate them to our school, please send them in for our Epic Lego Wall. We are so excited to build this for our students in order to continue to spark their curiosity and creativity. Please help! Check out the link below for more information about this new addition to our state-of-the-art Media Center.

Wellness Policy Reminder

As a reminder: While many families enjoy special food treats at home, in accordance with the Archdiocese Wellness Policy, the Council Rock School District, and our school health committee, no food/candy treats will be allowed at school for birthday celebrations. Please review our Heath and Wellness Policy by clicking on the link below.

SKD Wellness Policy

School Emergency Closing Information

Please see the School Emergency Closing Information posted on our website under Parent Resources regarding specific information should our school close due to inclement weather.

Please make yourself familiar with our school closing procedures. Please be sure to have a Back-up Plan for child care in the event that our school is opening late, closed, or dismissing early.

Financial Aid

Applications for students who will be enrolled in K-12 during the 2018-2019 school year will be available for parents. Applications for Archdiocesan schools, parish schools, and diocesan high schools can be accessed at or by going directly to

Please know that no parent who sincerely desires a Catholic education for their child at Saint Katharine Drexel School will be denied registration because of true financial hardships. Each parish will address this concern on a case by case basis for their parishioners. Any additional financial aid scholarship, in addition to the parishes’ subsidy, will be predetermined, and awarded by the parish, prior to the start of the academic year. Families who believe they are eligible and in need of this aid are asked to contact their local parish office and request a financial aid packet which will include the request for all pertinent financial information.

Parent Association Weekly Update

Click the link below to see our PA's latest news and updates.

2018-2019 Tuition Rates

Our tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year are now posted on our website under the Admission tab.

Free Money for Our School

Please be sure to participate in the following to help raise "free" money for our school:

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Giant Rewards
  • Smile Amazon
  • NEW this year- Shoparoo

Classroom Happenings

Each week, I will highlight some of the wonderful learning experiences happening each day in our classrooms.

Thank You to Our Parents

Our students had the opportunity to welcome their parents into their classrooms. They completed a special activity together and thanked them for investing in their Catholic education.

STREAMlining Success

As you know, the events we planned for our special week focused on Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math . One challenge included our students working in small groups to construct a train. They were able to use any materials found within their classrooms. It was amazing to witness such collaboration and creativeness.
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Spanish throughout Our World

Our students worked on projects in their Spanish classes researching countries and their specific traditions and customs.

Beautiful Voices

We are so proud of Julia who also made the Archdiocesan choir! What a wonderful honor and we are so proud of Julia for trying out and making the cut!

Do you want to build a snowman?

Our students in 2A had a great time designing their snowmen.

Important Dates to Remember

2/2: Mass 9am / Teacher Appreciation Day

2/3: Sweetheart Dance

2/14: Ash Wednesday, Mass 9am

2/15: Vocation Day / ABVM First Penance

2/16: NO SCHOOL, Professional Development Day

2/19: NO SCHOOL, Presidents' Day

2/27: Saint Bede First Penance

3/1: SKD STEM Design Challenge

3/2: Mass 9am

Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School is to form Catholic leaders through academic excellence, personal discipline, and Christian service.