Goldfields: Women & Children

By Hollie 5B


In 1854 there was 4,023 women on the goldfields.5% where single and 95% where married.Almost all women helped their husbands on the goldfields. There was 3,000 to 4,000 children on the goldfeilds.

Roles and Responsibilities of women

Women had alot of roles and responsibilities.Some women helped their husbands digging on the goldfields and some women looked after their childern.Women made jam,clothes,butter and bread. They also ironed and cooked. Some women helped other women when having babies.


Children moved schools frequently because their parents moved location in seach of gold.

Moving to new locations also meant that school were not established. Children had to wait for an education because most parents could not educate their own children when they had no education of their own. Many childern didn't speak english and could not read or write. Some childern received no education,these children had to work on the goldfield panning for gold or performing duties such as cleaning and looking after horses.

Women and Children's health

Health on the goldfields was very poor. On the goldfieds many women and children died from lots of illnesses. Also when a women gave birth she was helped by other women and because there wher no hosptals like today so the women or baby sometimes died. Many women and children died from Measels.