The Three Blind Mice

their story about where their troubles have lead them.

Once upon a time there were three blind mice. Their names were Joe, Joey, & Joseph. Even though they were blind they loved to get into trouble. One day they were at a park. At the park Joey saw Mark, who was his friend a long time ago. Joey did not want to be friends with him because he was "too nice". Since they were not friends anymore Joey who was twenty wanted to get a Mark who was also twenty, for no reason. So he got Joe who was seventeen, and Joseph who was sixteen to help him out. Joey planned to scare him with an assault rifle while his brothers held Mark down, but the gun accidentally went off. It did not hit mark, but it hit a tree. Later that night the police came to arrest all three of them and said they were to be charged with an indictment or felony because all of their intent was to hurt or scare Mark. That night they were let go because their family paid the bail of six hundred dollars each. They maid bail, but the next day they were issued a subpoena to attend court. All three of the brothers were issued a public defender for their case once there was an arraignment issued. The main defendant in the case was Joey since he wanted to get at mark, and convinced his brothers to "scare him". Once in court the Prosecution was very strong and expressed how the three brothers especially Joey had malice intent. There was a Petit jury because this was not such a big case so there was no need for a grand jury. The only witnesses there was Mark and Joe and Joseph, so there was not a lot of witnesses to go through. After the trial Joseph and Joe were convicted of a pre jury because they tried to lie about the event and say they were somewhere else. There was no plea bargin made, so Joey and his brothers were going to have to take the charges given to them and would not be able to appeal the case because everything was done properly and their rights were given. The verdict the petit jury reached was that all of the brothers were found guilty, but Joe and Joseph were not tried as adults. Finally the judge convicted Joey with a sixth degree Felony with the charge and a months time spent in jail. Joe and Joseph were sentence with a class four misdemeanor without the jail sentence of thirty days, but with the fines. They never got into trouble with the law again, and they all learned their lessons.
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