I Want That Job

Airplane Pilot

What We Do

We obviously fly/pilot aircraft. such as air planes, jets, and helicopters. You can use flying for many things such as flying for the millitary, rescue injuerd people and transport them to a hospital, and even transport supplies.

My job

One cool fact about my job

Pilots help the law to rescue and transport injured people and retrieve criminals

How does this career benefit society

They make city's, states, even countries a better place because pilots rescue and retrieve criminals/people. Pilots also transport food and goods.

Education requirment and skills needed

You have to attend college for at least two years. airlines usually higher college graduates. You must have an engineering degree.

personality neede for the job

you must have good physical and mental condition, orginized,meticulous, alert, logicalwith excellent communications skills and a love of travel and adventure.

Annual salary or wages

One ordinary pilot recieves 70,000 dollars a year.

Projected job growth

Much faster than average (121% or more)

Companies that hire in this field

national aeronoutics and space administration (N.A.S.A.)