Animal Farm

Andreaus Thompson


Boxer is a strong, hardworking worker, but he is also gullible. He is hardworking, because when he had a split in hoof he still kept working harder. He also gullible because he believed everything that Napoleon said. Napoleon is very commanding, and brutal. Throughout the whole story he always commanded the animals to do work while he sat in the house. On the day of the execution it had been a very brutal and scary time for the animals. Napoleon had the dogs kill the animals that had "rebelled" against him.

Quote From or About Character

" I will work harder, " is boxers quote because he was always determined to work harder each time. He even woke up an hour early before any animal just to work on the field. Boxer had always worked hard and never slack. " Long live Animal Farm" is Napoleon's quote because, he was proud of what he had created and overcome.


One of the themes were depressing, because after the farmer, Mr.Jones, had left the animals lives had gotten worse because of food shortages, and long working hours also, the animals were always confused, because the rules kept changing over time after the pigs did something against the seven commandments at the beginning of the story.


The animals was motivated throughout the whole book to work harder and to push through the hard times, and bad conditions. During the building of the windmill they was motivated to work harder every time the windmill was torn down. They worked through the cold every single day of the week.

Important Events

The first important event is when the animals ran Mr. Jones out of the farm, because is when they gained their independence and now they can worked by themselves. The second important event is when Napoleon became the leader of Animal Farm, because that is when he started changing everything and blamed Snowball for everything. The final important event in animal farm is when Boxer was sent to the butcher, because Boxer didn't know what was going on, he was helpless at the time, and it was too late to save him.


The animals represents the humans in the Russian Revolution. Animals represents the people in the revolution, because Napoleon is Stalin and Stalin got rid of all his competition. The other animals represents the the soldiers of Germany.