Chinese Schools of Thought

by Michael Butler


Respects your elders and higher authority and triditions, the golden rule was put into place "do unto others as you wish to be did to you" goverment people and officials have to pass a test to make sure that they understand the principles. their are also 5 relationships in society you should honor.


harmony came from two balancing forces like ying and yang, they hate conflict they just reject it, the people live in harmony a lot like nature does, they feel like the best way to goevernor is if you govern the least.


their biggest thing was promoting peace and in order to do that they participated in Meditation. the Right actions and Right Speech lead to Nirvana, thanks to diffusion of china the silk road came into affect, and the way they learned was from Monasteries.
Sonny Rollins, Buddhist


their strong goverment prevents violence , The nature of man is evilc so strict rules are put in place for order. it also gives them the authority to force people to work on big projects like the twin towers and the great wall of china, Greed is the biggest cause of  conflicts.