Restrooms, Lockers, & Class Changes

Tired of Flushing Your Time Away?

Many people complain about not having enough time to do things outside of the classroom. They are constantly asking to use the restroom or go to their locker which is wasting class time. Even when students are polite about asking, teachers still get frustrated and are usually reluctant to let them leave because it is taking up their class time.

The Solutions

The Five Minute Rule

We propose that there are two five minute breaks during our school days. One between first and second period and the other between third and fourth. The break between third and fourth is very important because that is when students are leaving for college class and by having time to get their materials from their lockers they will not be late for class. By having these breaks students will not be frequently asking to leave class to go to the bathroom or lockers.

Leave Your Phone Alone

Many people take their phones to the bathroom and waste time texting, playing games or talking on them while they are in there. This wastes instructional time. We propose that if students ask to go to the bathroom during class that they need to leave their phone in the classroom. By doing this students will spend less time in the bathroom when they could be in the classroom.