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Thesis Statement

In Joel Skidmore’s, “Mythweb.com”, portrays an image of Zeus as caring, and loving, yet vengeful when necessary.


Zeus wasn’t always in power. Zeus had to overthrow his father. Cronus, Zeus’s father, was originally was considered to be the son of Heaven and Earth. Even though he had so much power, he wasn’t nice about it. He was worried that his siblings would overthrow him, so he decided to swallow them whole. But Gaia, his wife, hid the eight so Cronus wouldn’t eat him. When Zeus grew up, the eighth child, He freed his brothers and sisters in the prison of Tartarus, and declared war on his father. And eventually, Zeus did win and overthrew his father, Cronus. He split powers with his two brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Poseidon got the power of the sea and hades got power of the underworld. Zeus got to be the supreme ruler of all gods. He meet Hera and had many children, causing the god and goddess population to increase.

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For example, when Zeus grew up and was old enough to fight, he freed his brothers and sisters from their suffering and went to war with his father. He ended up defeating his father and he kept his siblings safe.

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Zeus and Cronus facing off


“When the sixth child, Zeus, came of age, he loosed the prisoners of Tartarus, made war on Cronus, and won! In the process, his siblings were freed” (Ward).


This shows that Zeus is loving, caring, and vengeful when necessary because when he went to war with his father, he made sure that he freed his siblings from the prison before he did anything else. He also battled his father, even though he was family, to avenge his siblings that he had punished. This proves that he can be loving, caring, but vengeful when called for.


Ultimately, Zeus’s act of bravery has an inspiration to human world and he inspired many other gods and goddesses to do the right thing, even when the odds are tough.

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