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"The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf."~ Rudyard Kipling

Welcome to December! There are exactly 15 days left in the quarter before we encounter Winter Break. As we move through the next few weeks of school, many exciting events will take place! The calendar is full.

Students have been working extremely hard in all academic areas! In December, Weikel students in the 2nd -5th grades will have the opportunity to shine and show what they know through the Illuminate Assessment. This assessment provides our teachers with the data needed to determine current achievement levels and educational needs.

This month also holds excellent opportunities for family fun! Weikel Wonderland (Dec. 17th) and the school-wide Holiday Sing-Along (Dec. 21tst) are on the way! Look for more information that will be forthcoming to find out how you can get involved!

As we near the Winter Break, I want to wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season. As a staff, we are grateful to serve so many wonderful families in this great military environment. We are also very appreciative of all military parents who are currently serving our country away from home.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our Weikel Community.


Misty DeHerrera


Please make sure to send a mask with your student everyday. We also ask that you put an extra in their backpack in case one gets lost, or gets dirty.


If your child will be absent, please call the front office to report the absence for the day.

We understand that emergencies arise and illnesses happen. In case of an emergency, please provide documentation of leave to excuse the absence. If your child is sick for more than three days, please provide a doctor's note.

Important Dates:

December 2nd- Choir Performance and Caroling- 5:30-6:45

December 6th-21st- 12 Days of Christmas

December 7th- PTO Meeting

December 14th- P.I.E. Meeting

December 17th- Weikel Wonderland (more info to come!)

December 21st- Holiday Parties- Sing-a-long

December 21st- Early Dismissal-11:35

December 22nd-31st- Winter Break

January 1st-7th- Winter Break

January 10th- 3rd Quarter Begins

Class News

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Students receive skill and effort grades in Encore classes. We utilize a proficiency scale for both skill and effort grades. Our goal for students is to be at a proficient level, P, on their report card. Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding (skill) and show their positive attitude, participation, willingness to try new things, and to work with others (effort).

Title 1 Corner

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At Home Games for Reading Using Index Cards

1. Concentration

To make

Select five to ten words from a book (or books) the child is reading. Print each word clearly and boldly on separate 3x5 inch index cards, making pairs of each word. (The child may be able to help you by copying the words you write.)

To play

Shuffle the cards and place them face down in neat rows. Take turns turning up two cards at a time and reading the words aloud. If the two cards match, the player keeps them and takes a second turn. If they do not match, the cards are replaced face down and the next player takes a turn.

Variation 1

Instead of matching pairs, you can use rhyming pairs: look, book; dark, park.

Variation 2

This game can also be used to build letter recognition and letter/sound association. Paste or draw simple pictures on one set of cards; and on the other set, print initial consonants to go with the pictures. For example, paste the picture of a dog on one card, and write the letter "D" on a matching card.

Note: This game can be adapted to use with older children, or more advanced readers: variations can include vocabulary practice such as using homonyms, (words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings: cent/scent; dear/deer, etc.) or contractions, (can't; cannot, etc.).

For more easy-to-make index card games to support reading at home visit:



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English Language Development with Mrs. Goodwin

Winter Vacation: 10 Reading Ideas for Families

Winter vacation is a great time to read with your kids. It's also a good time to make reading (and writing) fun! Try some of the ideas below — and remember that it's ok to do these activities in your home language!

· Read together: Look for some time to read together and talk about the books you read. If you have extra time, read a longer chapter book or children's novel out loud to your child. You will enjoy being together and discovering a good story.

· Tell stories: Use some of your holiday time together to tell stories from your childhood. Ask relatives and friends to share their own stories too. Storytelling helps children become better readers. Family stories are also an important part of your child's heritage.

· Visit the library virtually: Visit https://ppld.org/virtual for Virtual Library Services & Programs. There are many great live and recorded programs to keep kids engaged.

· Learn about new traditions/holidays: Look for children's books or Internet articles about holidays you celebrate, special traditions, or other winter celebrations. Your child may have friends at school who celebrate different holidays. You can probably find information about winter traditions around the world, Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Three Kings Day, Winter Solstice, and Chinese New Year at the library.

· Give books: Give your child a book for the holidays. It doesn't have be new — you can share one of your favorite books or look for a special old book from a thrift store or used bookstore! If relatives are looking for gift ideas for your child, ask them to give a book this year.

· Look for other reading and writing gifts: Give your child some comic books, magazines, or special note cards for writing letters. This is a great time to find something connected to your child's interests, like sports, nature, or art.

· Make travel fun: If you are traveling during your vacation, look for maps and tourist books about your destination. These are a great way to prepare for the trip — and to pass time in the car or on the plane.

· Listen to audiobooks: If you will be in the car for long trips, rent an audiobook from the library. (You can also buy books from Audible.com or iTunes.) Ask your child to help choose a couple of books for the trip.

· Write letters and thank-you notes: Help your child write letters or e-mails to relatives and friends. Show your child how to write thank-you notes for holiday gifts.

· Make lists: Ask your child to help write shopping lists, activity ideas, or television schedules. This is good writing practice — and a big help to the adults too!

Even if your time is limited, a few extra minutes of reading together can make an important difference to your child. Who knows? You may even create a new reading routine for the New Year!

Adapted from: http://www.colorincolorado.org/article/winter-vacation-10-reading-ideas-parents

By Lydia Breiseth

Desarrollo del idioma inglés con la Sra. Goodwin

Vacaciones de invierno: 10 ideas de lectura para familias

Las vacaciones de invierno son un buen momento para leer con sus hijos. ¡También es un buen momento para hacer que la lectura (y la escritura) sea divertida! Pruebe algunas de las ideas a continuación, ¡y recuerde que está bien hacer estas actividades en su idioma materno!

• Leer juntos: Busquen algo de tiempo para leer juntos y hablar sobre los libros que leen. Si tiene tiempo adicional, lea un libro de capítulos más largo o una novela para niños en voz alta. Disfrutarán de estar juntos y descubrir una buena historia.

• Cuente historias: Use parte de su tiempo de vacaciones juntos para contar historias de su infancia. Pida a sus familiares y amigos que también compartan sus propias historias. Contar historias ayuda a los niños a convertirse en mejores lectores. Las historias familiares también son una parte importante de la herencia de su hijo.

• Visite la biblioteca virtualmente: Visite https://ppld.org/virtual para ver los servicios y programas de la biblioteca virtual. Hay muchos programas excelentes en vivo y grabados para mantener a los niños interesados.

• Aprenda sobre nuevas tradiciones / días festivos: busque libros para niños o artículos de Internet sobre los días festivos que celebra, tradiciones especiales u otras celebraciones de invierno. Es posible que su hijo tenga amigos en la escuela que celebren diferentes días festivos. Probablemente pueda encontrar información sobre las tradiciones invernales de todo el mundo, Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, el Día de los Reyes Magos, el solsticio de invierno y el Año Nuevo chino en la biblioteca.

• Regale libros: Dele a su hijo un libro para las fiestas. No tiene por qué ser nuevo: puedes compartir uno de tus libros favoritos o buscar un libro antiguo especial en una tienda de segunda mano o en una librería usada. Si los familiares están buscando ideas de regalos para su hijo, pídales que le regalen un libro este año.

• Busque otros dones de lectura y escritura: dele a su hijo algunas historietas, revistas o tarjetas especiales para escribir cartas. Este es un buen momento para encontrar algo relacionado con los intereses de su hijo, como deportes, naturaleza o arte.

• Haga que los viajes sean divertidos: si viaja durante sus vacaciones, busque mapas y libros turísticos sobre su destino. Éstas son una excelente manera de prepararse para el viaje y de pasar el tiempo en el automóvil o en el avión.

• Escuche audiolibros: si va a estar en el automóvil durante viajes largos, alquile un audiolibro en la biblioteca. (También puede comprar libros en Audible.com o iTunes). Pídale a su hijo que le ayude a elegir un par de libros para el viaje.

• Escriba cartas y notas de agradecimiento: ayude a su hijo a escribir cartas o correos electrónicos a familiares y amigos. Muéstrele a su hijo cómo escribir notas de agradecimiento para los regalos navideños.

• Haga listas: Pídale a su hijo que le ayude a escribir listas de compras, ideas de actividades u horarios de televisión. Esta es una buena práctica de escritura, ¡y también de gran ayuda para los adultos!

Incluso si su tiempo es limitado, unos minutos adicionales de lectura juntos pueden hacer una diferencia importante para su hijo. ¿Quién sabe? ¡Incluso puede crear una nueva rutina de lectura para el Año Nuevo!

Adaptado de: http://www.colorincolorado.org/article/winter-vacation-10-reading-ideas-parents

Por Lydia Breiseth

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